Beginner 2 : Elements & Aspects – astrology class


Lesson 1:  The Four Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water Signs.

Building blocks/energy patterns that make up the ‘whole’ of who we are.

MODES: Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable Signs

Lesson 2:  Aspects – angles between planets – the ‘energy lines’ joining planets.

How the planets communicate with each other indicating our flowing/challenging potentials.

Lesson 3:  Aspects (continued) : the angles between planets.

Flowing/challenging energies of potentials and challenges.

Lesson 4:  Mercury – planet of the ‘Mind’ : Your ‘Mental and Verbal’ potentials.

Lesson 5:  Venus – planet of ‘Relationships’ – How you relate to others.

Lesson 6:  Mars – planet of your ‘Approach to life’ (How you assert your energy).

Lesson 7: Moon – planet of ‘Emotions’ (instincts) – Mother (feminine) principle

Lesson 8:  Moon – Your Emotional Nature (continued) – Sign/House/Aspects

Lesson 9:  Sun – Your ‘Inner Self’ – identity – Hero(ine)’s journey;

Father (masculine) principle.

Lesson 10 : Sun – in your chart (continued): Sign/House/Aspects

Integrating planets, signs, elements, aspects

Mini chart counseling interpretation ASSESSMENT