Advanced 4 : Relationships – astrology course


Lesson 1: Part I : Synastry – the alchemical meeting of two personalities :

What is Synastry – attraction of opposites and similarities;

Elements – 7th House projections – shadow boxing in relationships.

Lesson 2: Part II : Bi-wheel comparison – how our areas of experience (houses) are activated by another’s’ energies/planets. (Placement of Person A’s planets around Person B’s natal chart).

Lesson 3: Part III – Synastry Grid – Interaspects – Inner to Inner & Inner to Outer Planets

Lesson 4: The ‘Glue’ that holds people together – inter-aspects in Synastry

Lesson 5: Karmic Relationship theory and ‘Soul Agreements’

Lesson 6: Soul Agreements between ‘Outer Planet Person’ to ‘Inner Planet Person’

Lesson 7: Composite Charts : another technique in relationship counseling; putting 2 people’s energies together in one chart to create a 3rd entity.

Lesson 8: Composite Charts (continued)

Lesson 9: How is a Composite chart different to a Davidson Chart?

Lesson 10: Vertex – Vx : Fated karmic point in relationships.


End of term Assessment