A Universal Year of New Beginnings

Hi Cosmic Travellers,

As we venture forwards into 2017 and beyond, our challenge will be to participate in the dynamic rhythmic dance of the planets in our solar system, even more consciously than before, so that we can be co-creators of a positive pattern of change in the world, via our particular talents and service to humanity. 2017 adds up to 10, which equals a universal ‘ONE’ year numerologically, which means this is a pivotal year of new beginnings – a brand new cycle and a time to plant your seeds of creative intention for the forthcoming nine-year period.  What are your deepest heartfelt  dreams, ideals and visions with regard to your relationships, health, finances, career, lifestyle, spirituality etc. ?  The planting of a seed is like the phases of the Moon, from New – to Full Moon – and back again to New Moon.  So our seeds of intention will need oodles of love and nurturing, because they need time to grow into fruition.  It is humanity’s destiny over the next nine years to create a world which reflects love and harmlessness in all its institutions and social practices.  Being in the universal ‘one’ year, humanity has moved into a critical mass stage of evolution on our beloved planet Earth.  

It is time to be a pioneer in your own ‘neck of the woods.  In Astrology, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is regarded as the pioneer who stands up and says ‘Here I am’.   Taking this imagery into this (numerological) ‘1’ year, we are all being urged to do just that, by visualising the change we want in the world.  It is a time to take conscious steps towards our goal(s) whilst we allow synchronicity, the power of ‘now’ and divine timing, to light the way forwards.

Coinciding with this divine timing is a Solar Eclipse we have just had on the 26th/27th February in Pisces, whose Saros Series cycle meaning suggests pleasant surprises, joyful events, lucky wins and breaks, which can positively change our lives now.  Your imagination will be sparked this year, so you have the chance to transform situations in your life and access solutions from a higher consciousness… anything is possible this year.

Look in the area of your chart where 8 degrees Pisces falls, as well as aspects to other planets, and set a positive intention for all things these to happen!  Think back to 18 years ago – what joyful event happened in your life?  A solar eclipse, with the Moon and Sun conjunct, is always an auspicious time for new beginnings.  Someone asked me recently whether it is really possible to bend reality?  If any of you know Nicolas Tesla and his research – he revealed that every possible outcome exists at the same time, so when we focus on a specific outcome we want – we can create it.  This eclipse is certainly indicating one of imaginative creation and to believe in miracles – time to do our dream mandalas!

Now is not the time to talk about what we want anymore, it is  time to take active steps and make things happen.  You are an amazing Soul, filled with joyous greatness…  As someone recently told me : “get out there and dazzle your brilliance,” so that you inspire others and make a difference.  Sounds like an awesome time to own our gifts, honour our uniqueness, and follow our calling.

The following is an excerpt of an article I did this year for Australia’s Astrology Wellbeing Magazine – Esoteric Almanac section:

Esoteric astrology focuses on the evolution of the soul and the unfoldment of self-consciousness to group consciousness, where souls are expanding their consciousness out into the wider humanity. The human kingdom is the 4th kingdom in nature. We are the kingdom that takes individual responsibility for fulfilling the intention of protecting all the other kingdoms (mineral, plant and animal). We are governed both collectively and individually by karma. So, at the soul/spirit level, we are to express beauty, to reveal the beauty of humanity, to perfect humanity through wellness and balance within the 3 worlds of : the physical, emotional and mental planes.

As humanity is currently in the evolutionary period of developing higher mental intelligence faculties, the unusual atmospheric weather conditions around the globe will continue to reflect the astral and mental states of humanity during 2017. This can be observed via the media’s reports of changing attitudes about environmental concerns. We are in the midst of an ‘information age’ explosion, with its increasing synthesis of thought and the promise of future telepathic interplay amongst people. The next time you are ‘feeling under the weather’ or observing the beauty of a rainbow, ponder upon how our mental/astral states are being reflected in the weather conditions!

Jupiter in Libra until October 2017 :  Jupiter’s movement through the sign of Libra promotes the urge to use our intelligence this coming year to bring harmony and balance to all our relationships. It is a good year to join benevolent soul-infused groups, whose goal is to foster right human relations in the world. Jupiter will be in a challenging T-square aspect to Uranus-Pluto on and off during 2017, bringing to the surface the disproportionate distribution of wealth and power, which could see legal battles and even revolution over the civil rights of everyday humankind versus corrupted governments’ abuse of power. Religious revolution is likely to affect the law, possibly through court decisions. This is likely to be activated by a solar eclipse on 26th February, bringing possible unrest by religious rebels or the poor in many countries. I believe we can look forward to a spiritual awakening process occurring, bringing the potential for legal reform on all levels, especially with regard to how the economic system is operating and how it affects fundamental human rights and issues of justice.

Jupiter moves into Scorpio in Oct 2017, so for the rest of the year, we do have the power to strive and triumph over the illusion of the lower emotional body. Scorpio’s keynote: ‘Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant’ promotes the soul’s fighting spirit to learn from the emotional fluctuations and veils of self-deception, so that the lower nature within all of humanity can be purified. We are also likely to see recycling technology become a growth industry. During the last two months of 2017, Jupiter trines Neptune, encouraging empathy and compassion on the emotional level, opening up the heart chakra of the masses for a deeper understanding of spiritual versus material values. The potential is to see life from a detached and higher level (like the eagle), where wiser decisions and actions can be determined for the greater good of humanity.

Saturn continues its movement through Sagittarius throughout 2017. Humanity will be given opportunities to develop a more creative intuitive-focused approach to see that all paths, all philosophies, all belief systems are facets of the one path. The key to karmic release is : ‘I see the goal, I reach the goal and see another’. Raja Yoga meditation (mindfulness) can assist in training and disciplining the mind at this time. Saturn trine Uranus during 2017 opens the doorway for new scientific breakthroughs and experimentation with new forms of economic and political organization, as local communities have the potential to network with each other’s ancient wisdom and modern technological discoveries. Asking our leaders, mentors and teachers to walk their talk with integrity could see 2017 as the year when ecological and agricultural reforms, as well as human rights for refugee groups are adopted, as proposed constitutional changes in many countries come to fruition.

Uranus, as it sojourns through the last 10 degrees of Aries during 2017, is bringing order out of chaos and strengthening the will of humanity, as well as encouraging independent action and initiative to rediscover that ‘making a good living’ is not the same as creating a meaningful loving and spiritual life.

Neptune in Pisces (going to and fro over the middle degrees of this sign), has the potential, at this time on our planet, to accelerate love and compassion in our hearts for all the kingdoms on Earth.

Pluto in Capricorn is creeping up to the last 10 degrees of this sign over the next two years.  Even though we may continue to see the rise of controlling institutions and plutocrats on the masses, with Pluto’s esoteric ruler, and Saturn’s insistence for karmic accountability, we are likely to feel the transformation of worldly patterns of greedy ambition, bringing fundamental changes in governments and the established economic and political power structures that currently control the world.

Coming back to the present time – March and April 2017 – we are experiencing Venus going retrograde from our earthly perspective, which occurs every 18 months or so. It will go backwards from 13 degrees Aries back into 26 degrees of Pisces.  Venus symbolises our relationship potentials and ‘what we value’.   Venus goes retrograde on 5 March and direct on 16 April, and during this period it is a great time to re-evaluate the relationship(s) you have and how that relationship makes you feel about yourself. This is a great time to renegotiate existing commitments or issues in existing relationships as well. (Re-commitment ceremony comes to mind!)

Right now, while Venus is retrograde, we can refine our ability to be compassionate instead of judgmental, loving and understanding, instead of feeling hate. To work with this energy, for five minutes a day, sit quietly and see the world bathed in a colour of your choice, and ask for peace, cooperation and compassion to surround our world.  This is a highly positive thing you can do daily during this retrograde period.

To be human is to become visible and carry what is hidden as a gift to others.’    D Whyte

Namaste & Blessings

Jeanni Monks

Astrotherapist/Accredited AstrologyTeacher/Wellbeing Consultant

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