Esoteric Global Predictions for 2019

Chiron in Aries (the symbolic wounded warrior) throughout 2019 holds the potential for healing all that is in the way of a massive paradigm shift in consciousness for the purpose of restoring right human relations upon planet Earth.  To do this, we must be willing to take responsibility for our own lives, to shift our own personal vibrations with a committed willingness to work for the Common Good of All, and not just for personal gain.  Thus, Chiron’s transit through Aries invites us to vibrationally transform our world through decisive commitment to acts of loving kindness via the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom.  In this way, our hearts are opened to protect all of the kingdoms on Earth, as we move through the changes lying ahead of us.   

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An Esoteric Astrology Forecast for 2018

Greetings Cosmic Travellers

Here is an esoteric (spiritual) astrology forecast for the year 2018.

As Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio in January through to November 2018, the key focus will be on the transformation of the ego personality, greedily acquiring wealth and comfort, to a higher aspirant level of expressing Ray 2’s love-wisdom in service to others.  Humanity has the potential to seek the truth and light via spiritual quests, pilgrimages and voyages during this time – however, the caution is be careful of searching in the wrong places; for example, by being lured in by false prophets who seemingly know the truth.  Jupiter’s spiritual quest in Scorpio via its esoteric ruler, Mars, is to bring the light into the dark and to zealously free humanity from the evils of harmfulness and abuse.  This is a time for us all to bring spiritual light into dark places in our own lives as well as being a loving guide for those going through major life challenges.  We may see great spiritual heroes emerge in 2018 whose lives can be modelled upon by humanity.  This is a pivotal year for transcending the ego with the practice of raja yoga and mindfulness meditation on a regular basis, especially around the Full Moon every month.  Jupiter in Scorpio has great potential to transform intense and destructive energy into healing power for humanity’s wellbeing and further evolutionary growth. Continue reading

A Universal Year of New Beginnings

Hi Cosmic Travellers,

As we venture forwards into 2017 and beyond, our challenge will be to participate in the dynamic rhythmic dance of the planets in our solar system, even more consciously than before, so that we can be co-creators of a positive pattern of change in the world, via our particular talents and service to humanity. 2017 adds up to 10, which equals a universal ‘ONE’ year numerologically, which means this is a pivotal year of new beginnings – a brand new cycle and a time to plant your seeds of creative intention for the forthcoming nine-year period.  What are your deepest heartfelt  dreams, ideals and visions with regard to your relationships, health, finances, career, lifestyle, spirituality etc. ?  The planting of a seed is like the phases of the Moon, from New – to Full Moon – and back again to New Moon.  So our seeds of intention will need oodles of love and nurturing, because they need time to grow into fruition.  It is humanity’s destiny over the next nine years to create a world which reflects love and harmlessness in all its institutions and social practices.  Being in the universal ‘one’ year, humanity has moved into a critical mass stage of evolution on our beloved planet Earth.   Continue reading

Astrology : Consultations – Classes – Workshops


Have you ever wondered what lies beyond our earthly existence?   What lies out there in our greater cosmos?  It is said that ‘As Above – So Below!’  Have you ever wanted to study astrology?

Jeanni teaches personal growth development via astrology from Beginners to Advanced levels, as well as study groups for students preparing for the FAA Exam modules to become a professional astrology practitioner (see website: ).  Jeanni teaches one-on-one or via group classes, skype tutorials and consultations.  Please contact her with any queries.

Jeanni also offers in-depth Consultations/Readings :

  • on your own Natal Birth Chart
  • predictive astrology – looking at the year ahead
  • a unique booklet on understanding your child
  • relationship compatibility/analysis reports
  • relocational astrology.

She is available either in person one-on-one; or via skype, phone or mail.  You may have your session recorded onto a MP3 recording – as so much valuable information is relayed during our sessions together – you may wish to review this at a later date.

Fees for 2019 :

  • Full 2-hour consultation : $200 with a written report.  This price includes preparation beforehand.
  • Hourly appointments are available for $120.

Jeanni is the President of the QFA (Queensland Federation of Astrologers Inc – and is an active member of the APA (Association of Professional Astrologers Inc) and FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) Examination Board.

Namaste & Blessings


Astrotherapist / Accredited AstrologyTeacher / Wellbeing Consultant

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