Who is Jeanni ?


Jeanni Monks is a professional astrotherapist and a teacher of astrology in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast – Queensland, Australia.

Born in Africa, Jeanni brings her depth of life-time experiences, education, skills and talents to her present-day teaching and counselling.  Her motto is: “Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality.  When our thoughts are conscious and positive, miracles happen!”   Jeanni promotes her passion for the on-going educational evolvement of astrology through writing articles, as well as speaking and lecturing to many groups and at International Astrology Conferences, whenever the opportunity arises.

Her qualifications are :

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Sociology
    • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education & Counselling
    • Masters in Esoteric Psychology
    • Diploma of Astrology (Federation of Australian Astrologers)
    • P.M.F.A.A. [Professional Member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers]
    • A..A.T. [Accredited  Astrology Teacher – FAA]
    • Queensland Federation of Australian Astrologers (QFA) – active member
    • FAA Exam Board – examiner
    • APA (Association of Professional Astrologers) – vice president
    • Australian Flower Essences Consultant
    • Reiki & Massage therapist

For information on astrology classes and confidential consultations via one-on-one or skype sessions,  contact Jeanni on jeannimonks@gmail.com  or Mobile :  0407 324 861.

Behind the scenes :

After experiencing crippling arthritis (during her Mid-Life Transition Crisis) at 37 years of age, Jeanni healed herself through the understanding of unresolved karmic patterns in her Natal Birth Chart and by utilising self-healing techniques through meditation and alternative therapies.

Jeanni has been researching the ‘Yod’ pattern (known as the ‘Finger of Destiny’) in the chart for the past few years and feels that it is this aspect pattern that has given her significant insights into the many sudden turning points and changes she has had in her life from birth.  This research has allowed her to understand her spiritual purpose, and it has allowed her to surrender to the greater universal energies with faith, peace and trust.