Sedna: Dark Goddess of the Sea


Audio recording of an astrology lecture presented at the 2014 FAA conference in Hobart, Tasmania.

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A new celestial object orbiting the Sun beyond Pluto was discovered in November 2003 and was given the name of Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea, who in mythology is said to live at the bottom of the sea.  You are invited to a lecture of discovering how Sedna’s mythological story can heal the wounded spirit of the feminine within humanity at this amazing time of evolution on our planet.  The integration of male and female must occur in order to bring balance to the earth and human consciousness.  The two are not apart.  It is necessary for a dialogue to occur so the pain of both male and female may be brought to light and transmuted.  Sedna demands that we (humanity) return to a conscious sustainable relationship with nature so that we all participate in the caring and the use of the Earth’s resources.  Her story also reminds us that we have all been victimised by something, by patriarchal institutions, discrimination on race, gender, sexual preference, religion or color.  She reminds us that we are too precious and necessary in this dance of life to waste valuable energy and time being a victim.

In this lecture we will be exploring how Sedna in our own charts symbolises ‘where the depths of the unconscious can be brought to the light of conscious awareness, to be healed’.

Lecture duration: 75 minutes [approximately]


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