Astrology course manual: Intermediate 1


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This manual will teach you how to thread the different symbols in the chart together and understand major themes which lead us through the maze into the heart of the Birth Chart and into our own nature.

Table of Contents:

section 1   Moon’s Nodes: spiritual path & destiny

section 2   Chiron: the Wounded Healer in your chart

section 3   Planetary Shapes & Patterns: visually assessing the chart

section 4   Dividing the Chart into Hemispheres/Quadrants Emphasis

section 5   Aspect Patterns:

Grand Trine, Kite: major gifts/potential

T-Square: major lessons

Grand Square or Cross: major karmic lessons

Mystical Rectangle & Grand Sextile: awesome potentials

Yod – Finger of Fate/Destiny: spiritual potentials

section 6   Part of Fortune: joy & happiness (lucky spot)


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