Astrology course manual: Advanced 3 – Relationships


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Relationships – Synastry / Compositie

Table of Contents

section 1:  part 1: Synastry – the alchemical meeting of two personalities

What is Synastry?  Attraction of opposites and similarities

Elements – 7th House projections – Shadow boxing in relationships

section 2:  Part 2: Bi-wheel comparison

How our areas of experience (houses) are activated by another’s energies / planets.

(Placement of Person A’s planets around Person B’s natal chart.)

section 3:  Part 3: Synastry Grid – Interaspects – Inner to Inner and Inner to Outer planets

section 4:  The “Glue” that holds people together – inter-aspects in Synastry Qualities of Love

section 5:  Composite Chart

Another technique in relationship counseling: putting 2 people’s energies together in one chart to create a 3rd entity.

section 6:  Meaning of Composite Houses & Planets

section 7:  Composite Ascendants

section 8:  Aspects to Composite Ascendant & North Node

Challenges & Growth

section 9:  Freedom vs. Fate

section 10:  Some research facts on Composite vs. Synastry chart comparison


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