Astrology course manual: Advanced 1 – Rulerships


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Rulerships‘ is an important ingredient in delineating charts in more depth. The Birth Chart is an energetic map of interwoven forces just waiting to be uncovered and interpreted. When we approach a chart from not only an intellectual perspective but also from an intuitive level, our intention becomes more spiritual, not just analytical. The aim is to become integrated intuitive holistic astrologers combining the science with the art.

Lesson 1:  More about House ‘Types’ in-depth : Angular, Succedent & Cadent Houses

Lesson 2:  Rulerships Defined – Essential Dignities of classical/traditional astrology

– strengths/weaknesses of Planets in Signs

Lesson 3:  Rulerships – Planetary Dispositors (hidden rulers of the chart);

Mutual Reception; Final Dispositorship.

Lesson 4:  Rulerships – Chart Ruler (Ascendant Sign & its Ruler)

Final Signature; Accidental Dignity, etc.

Lesson 5:  Rulerships – ‘There is no such thing as an empty House!’

Art of Synthesis – Looking at a Sign on a House Cusp & its Ruling Planet

in more depth : 1st – 6th Houses.

Lesson 6:  Rulerships (continued) – Signs on Cusp of 7th – 12th Houses and their Rulers.

Lesson 7:  Decanates/Dwads: Deeper & richer underlining influences of


**Purchase Reference Book: ‘Rulers of the Horoscope’ by Alan Oken


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