Esoteric Global Predictions for 2019

Chiron in Aries (the symbolic wounded warrior) throughout 2019 holds the potential for healing all that is in the way of a massive paradigm shift in consciousness for the purpose of restoring right human relations upon planet Earth.  To do this, we must be willing to take responsibility for our own lives, to shift our own personal vibrations with a committed willingness to work for the Common Good of All, and not just for personal gain.  Thus, Chiron’s transit through Aries invites us to vibrationally transform our world through decisive commitment to acts of loving kindness via the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom.  In this way, our hearts are opened to protect all of the kingdoms on Earth, as we move through the changes lying ahead of us.   

As Jupiter travels through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius throughout 2019, the global focus for all evolving aspirants will be : “I see the goal, I will reach the goal, and then I see another”.  The task will be to focus one-pointedly with soul consciousness on an inspirational goal, without deviation, until that goal is reached.  It is an important year for soul-infused aspirants to undertake travel, both physically and mentally, via studies of different cultures and philosophies.  It will be through an understanding of other cultures and their beliefs that humanity’s vision can expand to see the presence of God and the Divine in everyone, by ‘walking in the shoes of others’.  Wise and inspirational spiritual teachers, known as ‘archers of light,’ are likely to emerge during this time, guiding many towards their higher destinies.  “Give to each other real love in the times that lie ahead, for it is the fusing and illuminating element in the life of the disciple.  Let not your love remain theoretical, but give that true understanding which ignores mistakes, recognizes no barriers, refuses all separating thoughts, and surrounds each other with that protecting wall of love that meets all need wherever possible – physical, emotional and mental.”  Discipleship in the New Age II, 4 

Saturn continues to sojourn through the sign of Capricorn, inviting aspirants to turn their backs on lower ambitions with greater humility, and to practice Raja Yoga meditation on a regular basis, to enlighten consciousness through fairness and compassion, whilst making correct decisions when faced with moral dilemmas concerning power and greed over others.  Choices will have to be made in 2019 between right and wrong around material advancement versus the ego’s selfish principles.  

Uranus moves through the sign in Taurus with great intent this year, highlighting revolutionary leaps in how we handle our resources and care for Mother Earth.  Changes in banking, agriculture, food production, our income, new financial structures and major strides in renewable energy are on the horizon.  Taurus’ esoteric ruler, Vulcan, the mythological blacksmith god, transmits the 1st ray of Will and Power upon our Earth at this time.  Its goal is to destroy the prison of the soul pattern and forge new forms of beauty and love within the lower nature of humanity.  Like the proverbial hammer of the blacksmith, with sharp discernment, the aspirant’s mind will be challenged to practice Raja Yoga meditation on a daily basis, so that an awakening can occur to receive higher insights with regards to needed changes in economic materialism and consumerism.  An important keynote to meditate upon at this time is : ”I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined.”  The potential here is that all wisdom, knowledge of the Plan and Purpose of the spiritual world are within reach.  It will be the increase of inner light which unfolds and opens the eye to forge a different and new world order now, and over these next seven years.  According to Dwal Khul, (the Tibetan via Alice Bailey), 2025  has a greater than average significance, because it marks a turning point for humanity, with the rapid passing out of old influences and the slow appearance from that year onwards of what may be termed, “beauty out of chaos’.  It seems more than ever that disciples on the Path are being called upon to be catalysts for these revolutionary economic changes world-wide, by being part of the growing group consciousness in finding solutions to global hunger and suffering.  


On the path towards evolution, humanity’s consciousness evolves from being ignorant to that of mastering wisdom and a higher path of spiritual development.  Through the process of incarnation and each lifetime, our life experiences raise our self-awareness, so that humanity’s consciousness begins to evolve and change.  Eventually, through entering the portals of the spiritual pathway, we climb the mountain of spirituality to the enlightenment.  To do this, we have to apply the techniques and disciplines to accelerate this consciousness, by literally ‘walking the path’ as the aspirant or disciple, where attention is on the purification of the emotional nature.  Therefore, Raja Yoga training is essential for bringing about a union between the soul and personality, where the mind is the key to establishing union with the Divine.  The seven rays are combined forces of nature emerging from the Divine white ray – becoming three and then seven streams of colour and light, offering different spiritual developmental experiences for the 12 zodiac signs.  With this in mind, 2019 is a pivotal year for aspirants to meditate upon their individual keynote instructions and understand their individual Rays to allow for accelerated spiritual development, as the world goes through massive changes in evolution now and over the next few years.  

Sun or Ascendant in Aries :  As Jupiter moves through the sign of Sagittarius in 2019, it will positively aspect your Sun in Aries this year,  so as a disciple on the Path, reach out for the potential of being a wise and spiritually dynamic leader,  by following the instruction: “I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule”.  Aries’ task is to utilise the esoteric ruler, Mercury, rather than Mars (exoteric ruler), to strengthen mind control and restrain any lower desires taking control of the soul life.  This is a great year to expand your knowledge of the world and your life experiences, through higher learning, study and travel.  The practice of Raja Yoga meditation, on the above instruction, will expand your heart energy to attract what you need to fulfil your service work in promoting leadership opportunities with positive publicity for the greater good.  Aries aspirants’ ideas and concepts will be challenged this year, so that the soul-infused personality resonates from a higher spiritual consciousness to overcome harmlessness, both in words and thoughts.  Ray I of Will-Power confers you with courage, steadfastness and fearlessness to be the change you aspire to be,  in liberating people from bondage and oppression.  

Sun or Ascendant in Taurus :  With Uranus finally moving into the sign of Taurus this year, it is likely to be a big year for many Taureans on the Divine Path, especially those born in the early days of this zodiac sign.  It will be important this year for all Taurean aspirants to meditate daily on the instruction of “I see and when the eye is opened, all is light”, with the purpose of developing mental focus from a detached standpoint.  This will allow the light of soul to stream through your nature to illuminate that which is beautiful.  Vulcan, as your esoteric ruler and guide this year, can strengthen your will and fan the flame of spirit deep within the heart chakra.  Utilise the 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict energy this year to create beautiful forms in nature and ‘right relations’ in all your relationships for greater peace and harmony in all your community groups.  As a light bearer of the New Age, take up the gauntlet this year and allow your steadfastness, reliability and loyalty to support and stabilize any organization you belong to.  Your actions and words during 2019 have the potential to illuminate the path for others.  

Sun or Ascendant in Gemini :  As Jupiter travels through Sagittarius, it will be opposite Gemini.  Even though you are likely to be feeling quite powerful and optimistic under its influence this year, the challenge will be to moderate any ego inflated feelings of importance.  Working on becoming a soul-infused personality, your instruction this year is: “ I recognize my other self, and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow”.  The goal is to develop and practice mental focus and right-detachment, with a discerning perception of how to create beautiful loving relationships.  Venus, as your esoteric guide, invites you to tune into its vibration and divine beauty in the night sky.  She can teach you how to love intelligently and more deeply so that you can become wiser and more knowledgeable about the dynamics of true heart-based soul-infused relationships.  As you refine your values, Ray 2’s Love & Wisdom shines down upon you during 2019, imbuing you with calm strength, patience, compassion and loving wisdom so that all your relationships can ‘grow and glow’.  This Ray magnetises you to service work in education, health or healing areas, with the power to communicate inspirational thoughts to the world.  

Sun or Ascendant in Cancer :  In 2019, Cancerian aspirants are being invited to continue working on developing their intellect to purify the emotional body.  Glamour and illusion are the playground for negative emotions, so your soul’s goal is to become free of them, so that you can become a prism of love and light for the family of the world.  Neptune, your esoteric ruler, can dissolve all blockages to love, by showing you how emotional desires can be transformed into aspirational love.  Meditate daily on the following instruction: “I build a lighted house and therein dwell”.  This will assist the soul to develop mental focus, to build a lighted consciousness free from emotional control and separatism.   Saturn’s sojourn through Capricorn is likely to test those of you with Cancer planets, as it’s lesson of rewards for hard work plays out in the area of health and everyday work.  It will be important to balance work and play.  The 7th Ray of Ceremony, Order and Magic gives much power this year to work with the devas and elementals from the mineral and plant kingdoms, to manifest your creative ideas as an inspiring light worker, whose soul shines through the heart chakra into all daily activities.  

Sun and Ascendant in Leo :  In 2019, the instruction for Leo disciples  : “I am That and That am I” is to spiritually develop concentrated mental focus as a priority, so that the evolving soul (‘That’) governs all daily experiences.  Neptune, as your esoteric ruler, guides you in seeking spiritual understanding and wisdom, to refine your astral nature and open up the lotus of your heart.  Transiting Jupiter, harmonizing your Leo energy this year, inspires you to take up some higher learning studies, or to travel to expand your heart energy outwards into the world.  Practice  Raja Yoga meditation, by aligning with your Solar Angel to refine the ego, so that your compassionate heart becomes a vessel for love and wisdom.  In this way, Ray 1’s Will & Power energy can vibrate through your soul essence, bringing the potential to work generously with a group which is leading humanity into right ways of living and prosperity.  Joining a group that works creatively to nurture and protect younger souls or children will allow you to be true to the messages from your heart, so that you can be of valuable service for future generations.  

Sun and/or Ascendant in Virgo : In 2019, Virgo disciples’ key instruction to meditate upon is : “ I am the mother and the child, I God, I matter am”.  In essence, this means that everything in the universe is an aspect of God, so developing the perception that all human beings are divine is important for soul growth.  Vulcan, your esoteric ruler will assist you this year in strengthening your will to persevere in whatever work is required for transformation to occur.  Raja Yoga meditation, where you are focusing on viewing others in an inclusive kind light, will accelerate soul consciousness in leaps and bounds.  Seeing others’ positive qualities through ‘the eyes of Christ,’ rather than the ego, allows your service work in the areas of healing, nature or technology to give you power to heal, save,  build forms and methods that will greatly benefit humanity.  Ray 2’s  Love-Wisdom and Ray 6’s Devotion and Idealism vibrations will open your heart with compassion to assist your soul in developing loving inclusivity for all kingdoms via selfless service.  Your contribution to healing methodologies for the physical body, via the power of the mind and creative intention, will be invaluable this year.  

Sun or Ascendant in Libra :  In 2019, Libran aspirants will need to meditate regularly on the spiritual instruction : ”I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force”.  Training the mind, by lifting one’s consciousness into soul wisdom, awakens the higher intuitive buddhic plane with awareness, so that balanced judgement can weigh the opposites within the psyche to make right spiritual decisions.  Libra’s esoteric ruler, Uranus, is changing signs this year, so it is likely to shake aspirants out of their comfort zones, by shattering limiting beliefs and indecision around justice, sex and money areas of life.  Libra symbolises the scales of justice, so aspirants on the path are being invited to use their harmonizing skills to assume positions of powerful influence, to bring about fairer legal, financial and economic laws that are working for bringing peace to a troubled world.  Ray 3 of Active-Intelligence assists to develop the higher intuitive intellect to think objectively and abstractly, to see both sides of an issue with balance and clarity.  With Jupiter’s influence, this is a year to dream big and move beyond your limitations with optimism, as new opportunities to expand your consciousness via study, travel and increased wellbeing can flourish.  

Sun or Ascendant in Scorpio :  In 2019, aspiring Scorpios will need to meditate on this instruction :  “Warrior I am, and from the battle, I emerge triumphant”, to lift challenging situations into the light, so that the soul can reveal the truth beyond the shadow ego self of many lifetimes of illusion.   Mars, as the esoteric ruler, assists in this process, bringing unresolved negative traits to the surface for purification.  The Scorpio aspirant may falter at times, however, ultimately through perseverance stands up again and again until victorious, thus developing a mind perspective that remains detached from the emotional body.  Ray 4 of Harmony through Conflict invites you this year to practice Raja Yoga meditation daily, pondering upon the above keynote instruction to understand its spiritual message.  When you can see yourself like the eagle flying above the turmoil of life, clarity, new visions and inner serenity are your rewards.  This year, the victorious and enlightened Scorpio aspirant has the potential to serve humanity by freeing others souls from ignorance and the darkness of their own prisons.  Find a group whose mission touches your heart, and use your warrior spirit as a catalyst to bring transformation, both within the group and in the outer world.  

Sun or Ascendant in Sagittarius : In 2019, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and consciousness expansion, is moving through your sign in Sagittarius, bringing in a whole new 12 year cycle of new beginnings.  With such positive energy around you this year, your task is to align your personality with your soul wisdom with a 100% focus on whatever you are wanting to achieve from this heightened place of awareness.  One-pointed mind control is the goal.  Your meditation instruction is :”I see the goal, I reach that goal, and then I see another”.  The vibration of the Earth, your esoteric ruler, suggests it is time to put those high inspirational goals into practice.  Look out for opportunities for overseas travel and study, to expand your horizons and develop global consciousness of all other cultures’ belief systems.  Three rays can assist you this year.  Ray 4, of Harmony through Conflict, will encourage you to fight for a higher spiritual lifestyle.  Ray 5, of Concrete Mind, helps you focus your intellect with detached objectivity and Ray 6, of Devotion & Idealism, will equip you with the aspirational fuel needed to be of greater world service.  

Sun or Ascendant in Capricorn : During 2019, Saturn continues its sojourn through your sign, bringing new levels of responsibility, and rewards into your career and home/family areas.  Through the practice of Raja Yoga meditation on the instruction: “Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back”, you will continue to be challenged to overcome the materialistic characteristics of the proverbial Goat climbing up the mountain to the top.  The lesson of kneeling in humility, offering your soul and heart to making a difference in the world, is a pivotal one this year.  Saturn, as your esoteric ruler, is offering you wise choices this year, to make correct decisions to bring the ego personality into alignment with the soul and the divine law of balancing past karma.  The Active Intelligence energies of Ray 3 imbues your soul with mental cleverness and ability to quickly learn these karmic lessons, to make wiser choices in the future.  The 1st Ray of Will-Power will assist in transforming the lower ego’s will, so that as an soul-infused disciple, you take on greater world service to assist those still imprisoned ‘in the valleys below’.  

Sun or Ascendant in Aquarius : In 2019, the Raja Yoga meditation instruction for all Aquarian disciples on the pathway is the mantram of the World Server : “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.”  Jupiter, as your esoteric ruler, expands your consciousness this year, taking you on physical, mental and spiritual journeys, so that the heart is open and the mind wise.  Aquarians’ universal and inclusive outlook, as well as their dedication to service of humanity, is vital this year into improving the health and wellbeing of all of humanity.  As your exoteric ruler, Uranus changes signs this year, Aquarian aspirants will be in the forefront of new inventions, reforms and advanced technology to revolutionise the lifestyles of humanity.  Ray 5 of Concrete Mind assists you in the promotion of right human relations across the globe, by focusing the mental intellect to develop higher powers of analysis for new discoveries through research and experimentation.  The fusion of heart/mind, personality/soul will facilitate inclusive love to flow with more sensitive awareness to the plights of humanity on the Earth, with dedication to the reformation of society for the highest good of all souls.  

Sun or Ascendant in Pisces :  In 2019,  as a soul-infused personality, your Piscean aspirant’s meditation instruction is : “I leave the Father’s house, and turning back, I save”.  As the last sign of the zodiac, some sacrifice will be asked of you this year, to serve unselfishly in helping younger souls find their way back to spirit.  Pluto, your esoteric ruler, will assist in this process, by purging all obstacles and negative subconscious patterns from the past, to ensure that soul-infusion and love are of high priority.  Ray 2, of Love-Wisdom, imbues you with unconditional love, compassion and inclusive attitudes transforming emotionalism into intuitive wisdom, whilst Ray 6, of Devotion & Idealism, fuels you with dedication to be of world service, saving those who suffer.  Many Piscean aspirants this year have the capacity to be involved in major changes within the areas of religion and healing, to better serve humanity.  To this end, joining a benevolent soul group, whose aim is to assist people who are victims of life, especially from the effects of materialism and greed, will accelerates your own soul growth and expand your heart energy to serve for the ‘highest good of all’.