An Esoteric Astrology Forecast for 2018

Greetings Cosmic Travellers

Here is an esoteric (spiritual) astrology forecast for the year 2018.

As Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio in January through to November 2018, the key focus will be on the transformation of the ego personality, greedily acquiring wealth and comfort, to a higher aspirant level of expressing Ray 2’s love-wisdom in service to others.  Humanity has the potential to seek the truth and light via spiritual quests, pilgrimages and voyages during this time – however, the caution is be careful of searching in the wrong places; for example, by being lured in by false prophets who seemingly know the truth.  Jupiter’s spiritual quest in Scorpio via its esoteric ruler, Mars, is to bring the light into the dark and to zealously free humanity from the evils of harmfulness and abuse.  This is a time for us all to bring spiritual light into dark places in our own lives as well as being a loving guide for those going through major life challenges.  We may see great spiritual heroes emerge in 2018 whose lives can be modelled upon by humanity.  This is a pivotal year for transcending the ego with the practice of raja yoga and mindfulness meditation on a regular basis, especially around the Full Moon every month.  Jupiter in Scorpio has great potential to transform intense and destructive energy into healing power for humanity’s wellbeing and further evolutionary growth.

Saturn moves into Capricorn in January 2018 for a two-and-a-half year period of karmic release, to do with letting go the ego’s lower ambitions related to greed, power and control.   Saturn, through its own sign, is giving humanity an opportunity to bring ambitions into right balance.  The challenge will come in using power positively with integrity, fairness and compassion.  Saturn, being the Lord of Karma, suggests extreme vigilance in this regard, or further karmic retributions are possible.  The Active-Intelligence Ray 3 of mental cleverness is giving us an opportunity to learn quickly from the lessons of karma, so that wiser choices can be made.   Respect and a love of the masses, as well as solid inclusive leadership can be the rewards for those leading others during 2018, especially in politics and governmental agencies.   

Uranus, known as the ‘Awakener’, moves into Taurus in May 2018, creating a desire for material prosperity, as well as improved economic conditions.  Humanity will be cautioned to not greedily attain material things just for the sheer desire of possession.  Uranus’ esoteric goal will be to create right human values to live by – to revolutionise and update economic systems, so that wealth is spread equally amongst the masses.   Expect to see financial whizz kids introducing new revolutionary economic systems, as well as the end of banks and the capitalist system as we know it.   Uranus in Taurus has the potential to create harmony, beauty and light on the earth through original and innovative means.  We are likely to see many new avant-garde artists and entertainers producing innovative works of art and productions that will have world-changing messages to create global peace and harmony.  Community gardens and farmer’s markets producing local produce in abundance, with home-made organic products hitting the selves, will be on the rise. 

In July – September 2018, a couple of wonderful grand trine aspect patterns in our cosmos will surround our planet.  This involves Saturn trine Uranus, Venus & Mercury all in earth signs.  The solar angels will be awakening the lower mind of humanity to new belief systems and values that are ‘Good, Beautiful and True’.  The 2nd Ray of Love & Wisdom, 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence and the 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict, sprinkling down upon the earth at this time, have the potential to awaken aspirants to new ways of loving and living in harmony and peace with their fellow human beings. 

An Esoteric Outlook :

Whilst 2018 and future years may seem daunting – from an esoteric perspective, this can be a positive thing.  Humanity is ready to experience change as is being shown by the higher evolutionary impulses of so many outer planets changing signs this year.  Economic hardships can bring people together, impelling positive evolution, especially if people decide to enterprise in new ways within their communities.  This is the promise of Uranus moving through the earth sign of Taurus, for future sustainable living conditions that benefits all of humanity. 


Full Moon Meditation :

Meditating around the Full Moon of your birthday month is a very powerful time for bringing in the radiant energies of the seven rays for illumination and transformation of the soul self.  The dates below of the Full Moons during 2018 can be times when all aspirants can tune in with each other for global healing as well. 

The following personal esoteric predictions can be read from a Sun or Ascendant sign perspective. 


As Uranus moves powerfully through the final degrees of Aries in 2018, there will be a need to review dogmatic beliefs that the rest of the world accepts without question.  By utilising Ray One’s virtues of courage and fearlessness, you have the potential to align your individual will with the collective will of humanity to be a catalyst for change in 2018, by becoming a pioneering leader of new non-violent revolutionary reforms.  To facilitate this process, practice the following Aries Raja Yoga meditation regularly, (potent around the Aries Full Moon on 31 March) :  In your mind’s eye, visualise a door before you, and as you move through this door, bright light, filled with love, streams towards you.  Your soul feels free from fear and doubts as you open yourself to this universal energy.  Bathed in this loving energy, meditate on your seed thought: “I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule.”  The aim is to align your personality (mind, emotions, body) with your soul wisdom, working with the higher mind of Mercury.   Critical mass changes in thinking are imminent on planet Earth, so it is becoming vital in 2018 that Aries folk aligned with soul intent creatively enable innovative ideas and new plans to manifest in the consciousness of humanity for Will-to-Good in the world. 


With Uranus’ motion into your sign from May 2018 onwards, expect sudden flashes of insight about your soul’s true purpose.  Jupiter will be opposite your planets in Taurus, bringing opportunities from influential people, both professionally and personally, to join like-minded others this year in revolutionizing economic systems, so that wealth is spread equitably over the earth. 

Throughout this year, you are encouraged to take up raja yoga and join mindful meditation groups to expand your awareness of your own soul’s power to create beauty in unusual ways with right values to live by.   To accelerate your soul-personality infusion this year, practice this your Taurus Raja Yoga meditation exercise throughout the year (especially at Taurus Full Moon on 30 April):  Imagine a beautiful snow-white lotus blossom moving up your spine as you hum the sound of OM.  See the lotus petals open up around your shoulders.   Relax into the jewel of the lotus  – feeling white light streaming forth from your forehead and filling the area  around you.  Remain receptive, opening yourself upwards to receive enlightenment.“  Meditate on your seed thought: “I see, and when the Eye is opened, all is illumined”, so that your consciousness becomes fully illuminated empowering you to be a vehicle of transformation on the planet.


With Mercury and Venus (your esoteric ruler) moving through your sign in first part of this year, the dual nature of your ego will be challenged via Ray 4 to focus on harmony rather than conflict.  ‘Right Detachment’ with a discerning perception to make choices in creating beautiful relationships, will be a goal to achieve for all Gemini aspirants on the path this year.   Practice this Raja Yoga meditation regularly throughout the year (potent at Gemini Full Moon on 30 May) to illuminate your soul for greater insights:  Visualise a golden Sun above your head.  Imagine it growing larger and larger and slowly surrounding your physical and then penetrating your ego personality completely.  Imagine yourself moving up into the light of the Sun, taking the duality of your higher and lower minds and becoming a soul-infused being of light as you meditate on your seed thought: “I recognize my other Self and in the waning of that Self I grow and glow.    Your instruction with this seed thought is to become the detached observer of your ego as illumination permeates your consciousness.  Your potential is limitless, this year, in creating major changes in education and communication media via writing and speaking.  The integration of your inspired spiritual ideas into mainstream thinking can heal cleavages between groups and cultures world-wide. 


As Pluto continues to move forward through Capricorn, many aspirant Cancerians have been experiencing a rejuvenation of their basic identity, emotional and soul selves .  Your esoteric ruler Neptune has been slowly refining your astral nature so that your soul-illumined consciousness can rise with compassion and intuition, free from the illusion of the ego’s earthly state, to be of service to the family of humankind.  This transformation on the soul level, is likely to bring positive, healing and functional changes within your own personal family scenarios throughout 2018.    Practice the following Raja Yoga meditation regularly to strengthen soul-personality infusion this year (especially potent around Cancer Full Moon on 28 June).  Take the focal point of consciousness from the head and slowly bring it down through your jaws, neck to your breasts and let it rest here.  Then let your focal point move slowly down further into your lower body.  Let calmness and relaxation settle into your womb area – where you feel secure, supported and protected.  As you feel the pulse of life emanate from this region – visually fill it with love, joy and light ; feel peaceful and at one with all of life.  Now meditate on your seed thought:  “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.”   


With the Nodes in the polarity signs of Leo/Aquarius this year,  your mission is to combine head and heart and open up your intuition where the love for all living creatures grows to the same extent as the love for yourself grows.  The desire to serve and do something for the improvement of conditions for all children and those who are vulnerable will become stronger 2018.   Neptune, your esoteric ruler, will assist your soul to engage your intellectual mind with your heart to find solutions to the existing problems of humanity.  During 2018, this will be a priority, especially the love of your divine Self (self-consciousness) being spread from your heart through your like-minded groups and into the world (group consciousness).  Practice your Raja Yoga Meditation regularly (especially at the Leo Full Moon on 28 July).  :  Imagine yourself as a centre of shining light in your heart – as you hum an OM – visualize your ego personality and body being filled with this light as you radiate Love, Understanding and Light like the Sun out to all your fellow human beings.     Meditate on your seed thought: “ I am That and That am I”.  The instruction is to align your personality with your soul wisdom (the ‘That’). 


During 2018, your Sun will form a flowing trine aspect to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, bringing opportunities for powerful service for ‘good’ in the world.   Vulcan your esoteric ruler, through its fiery purifying experiences will bring about the alignment of your personality with soul wisdom, so that you see others as ‘divine children of the universe’.  Practice your Raja Yoga meditation regularly (potent at Virgo Full Moon on 26 August) to accelerate this process in :  Focus your attention in your head and then allow this focus to move slowly down from your head, to your chest area – down to your stomach area.  Humming OM silently within, allow a deep peace to surround you and like a wave of energy feel it spread through you and over you.  Above you, a white point of light appears like a shining star in the night sky.  It moves towards you and its light penetrates all the cells of your body as well as the room around you.  Meditate on your seed thought: “I am the Mother and the Child, I, God, I, matter am”.  This mantra trains the mind to look for the good in others and that all things in the universe are forms through which the universe is working out its divine purpose. 


Your esoteric ruler, Uranus, is beckoning you in 2018 to makes right spiritual choices with regards to your life style and career choices, so that you can be part of the innovative changes in legal, financial and economic laws, for justice to prevail on Earth.   Practice the following Raja Yoga meditation on a regular basis (potent on Full Moon 25 September) for soul infusion.  Focus on a quiet place within – see a white path of light before you, narrow and straight.  At the end, you see a closed golden-white gate.  As you move along the path of light, feel yourself balancing on it like a tight-rope, using your hands to maintain your balance.  A shining light illuminates your path as you stride confidently forward through the gate into a beautiful light, where you see your true soul self.  Humming the OM sound brings this soul light back into your body – visualize it penetrating your whole personality, illuminating your thoughts, calming your emotions and strengthening your physical body.   Meditate on your seed thought: “I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force.”   As you align your personality with your soul wisdom, your finely developed sense of justice contributes to bridging contrasts in your communities by creating harmony and agreement where conflict reigns.


As Jupiter moves through your sign this year, you are given the highest gifts of transcending the ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ (that shadow part of your ego self which opposes the forces of change), by focusing on your inner spiritual life, to permit the growth of soul consciousness.  Practice the following Raja Yoga meditation regularly (especially potent on Full Moon of 25 October) for soul-personality alignment :  Sounding the sacred word OM breathe in white light and feel your physical, emotional and mental bodies relaxing – becoming calm, as you surrender to the white light’s all-embracing Love energy.  Focusing upwards, see a white light above your head and recognize your Soul there.  Serenely go into this light and surrender your ego self with a joyful heart.  Open yourself up to the power of divine transcendence, as the light of the soul purifies and strengthens all your bodies raising you to new levels of awareness and vitality.  Meditate on your seed thought:  “Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant” regularly (potent on the Scorpio Full Moon on 25 October).   Esoteric Mars invites you to take up your sword – to zealously stand up for human rights via a benevolent spiritual or humanitarian group whose aim is peace and prosperity for all beings. 


As the archetypal soul-infused traveller, you will be brought into a wide variety of cultures and experiences in 2018 to advance your spiritual training and group awareness to become a world teacher and educator of the highest order through your service work.   Practice your Raja Yoga meditation regularly (especially potent on Full Moon in Sagittarius on 23 November), to facilitate this process :  Imagine yourself standing in endless space under a dark night sky.  Deep silence envelops you.  Before you is a shining white star, and you move towards it with enthusiasm.  You reach it and then you see behind it another bright star, towards which you start moving with glee.  Meditate on your seed thought: ”I see the goal, I reach the goal and see another.”   Now direct your attention like an arrow down into your innermost depths.  Merge with a pure white light, which spreads over your whole body, penetrating every cell and organ – then it moves through your pores forming a shining white golden aura around you. 

The instruction here is to align your personality with your soul wisdom and then to one-pointedly merge with the active intelligence of Ray 3 to teach and guide others towards their higher wisdom.


Capricorn’s symbol is the goat climbing up the mountain.  When motivated by spiritual will, the mountain top will be attainable in 2018, especially as Saturn saunters through your own sign of Capricorn.   When you kneel in humility on the rocky mountain summit, dedicating your heart and Soul to the service of humanity, then you can pass through the ‘gateway of initiation’ and be entrusted with the secrets of life.  Your Raja Yoga meditation for regular practice (especially powerful at the Full Moon on 23 December) : Imagine a steep mountain path in front of you which you climb up slowly.  This ascent is steep and tricky, yet you see the summit above you.  As you climb over rocks, you slowly approach the top.  A blinding white light strikes you, filling you with absolute joy in your heart.  You feel a divine solitude and sublime tranquility as this light penetrates your whole being.  Breathing deeply, the pure air fills you up with new life.  An intense desire arises in your heart to descend and share with humanity, in love, your summit experience.  Meditate on your seed thought: “Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back.”  Your service work in 2018 entails showing others the way to the summit, to attain this illumination themselves. 


Mars in Aquarius during 2018 will cross over your Sun, calling you to raise the gauntlet and take action with regards to being the difference you want in the world.  Your soul is being given opportunities, this year, to develop your wisdom to be utilized for the greater ‘Good of All’.  The following Raja Yoga meditation will assist in this process (particularly potent at the Aquarius Full Moon on 31 January).  With the sound of OM relax your physical, emotional and mental bodies – say to yourself: ‘I have a body, but I am not my body.  I experience feelings, but I am not my feelings – I have a mind, but I am not my mind.”  Visualize the golden Sun before you, shining love and light throughout the universe.  Now replace the Sun with an image of your Angelic Master(s) or Deity, who sends out light, love and blessing to the whole universe.  Visualise yourself receiving these blessings and passing them on to all beings on the Earth and in the Universe.  Meditate on your seed thought : ”Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty men”.  Visualize waves of light radiating out like a net of light and love all over the earth – touching all of humanity and affecting all events in the world during 2018. 


In 2018, under the ‘Love & Wisdom’ Ray 2’s vibrations, your task is to purify your nature by letting go all limiting hindrances on the emotional level that prevent you from moving toward your service work in the areas of health, healing and education.  Find a group whose mission touches your heart and use your compassion to assist the sick and the suffering to experience joy and peace.  The following Raja Yoga Meditation assists in this process (especially potent on Pisces Full Moon on 2 March) : As you sit in complete stillness, visualize in front of you a long passage way, narrow and dark.  In the distance, a light is shining.  You recognize this bright form, which beckons you.  Like a magnet, you are drawn to it – slowly, you walk towards the form as it moves toward you, calling your name.  You meet each other and look into each other’s eyes with a deep recognition.  The beautiful lighted form says: ”You have reached your goal, now come and follow me.”  Together you walk into the Greater Light beyond.  Now see yourself returning to your world, taking the enlightenment you have received and sharing it joyously with humanity.  Meditate on your seed thought:  “I leave my Father’s Home and turning back, I save”.    

Extra :

Meditation is one of the ways that we find to help us recognize our true identity as an incarnated soul.  We begin to realise that our physical, emotional and mental faculties are only forms for the expression of soul purpose.  This process involves the cultivation of humility within the personality and eventually, the total surrender of ego identity.  Simultaneously and magically, we experience a shift to identification as soul.  This begins the journey to the soul’s identity with spirit, which leads to Mastery, or as it is referred to in esoteric astrology, Christ Consciousness.   

Namaste & Blessings – Love & Light – Jeanni