Overview for Astrology courses

“Astrology is an ongoing evolving art and science as are we, in and on our journey towards . . .  individuation and conscious authenticity.”


Planetary Cycles create the cycles of growth and evolvement occurring within ourselves and our lives.

To know what these cycles of life are asking of us, is to consciously participate in life from a place of personal empowerment and inner peace.

In this awareness and attunement, we can walk the path leading to our highest fulfillment and thereby gain the greatest gift that life has to offer us.

*Throughout the Beginners and Intermediate levels in the 1st year, students learn counseling techniques and healing intuitive skills as well, which gives them tools to counsel others in an empathic, intuitive and sensitive way.  The aims of my courses are, firstly – personal ‘self-empowerment’ & self-awareness & secondly, to prepare students for a career in astrological counseling, if they so wish.

It is my intention that each workshop/lesson not only contributes to your self-awareness, higher consciousness and sense of self-empowerment, but that it also encourages a greater understanding and compassion for humanity.

Even if students do not choose to use astrology in your career – AND – just wish to do it for fun or self-knowledge, they come to learn that everything in our cosmos is interrelated – ‘As Above, so Below’.  “Know thyself – and you will be set free”, said the ancient wisdom and philosophers.  The benefits of learning Astrology are both transformative and revolutionary, especially as we move through the 21st century with new awareness and higher consciousness.  This will be especially so as the cycle of Uranus from Pisces into Aries, and Neptune from Aquarius into Pisces, awakens us to other dimensional realms.

There are 8 Astrology Manuals which you can purchase for $40 each OR if you are starting with the Beginners level, you may purchase Modules 1, II and III as a package for $110.

How are students assessed?

With face-to-face classes, Students are set homework for each Lesson – which is assessed at the beginning of the next lesson.  Each student in turn shares their interpretation techniques taught in earlier classes.  Ongoing training in counseling and interpretative techniques are practised in this way.   As well, a set ‘take-home’ assignment is given at the end of each term which covers the term’s work.   At Midyear – an assessment assignment is given on a mini-interpretation of a chart, which incorporates counseling skills and basic astrology techniques.  At the end of the 1st year – Beginners/Intermediate Levels – students are set a full exam – which is an in-house and take-home one – on the whole year’s training.  This involves the calculation of a chart by hand and/or the skillful interpretation of both Natal and Transits thereto.  Students who complete these assignments successfully within the 1st year are awarded a Beginners/Intermediate Basic Certificate from the Gemini Rising Academy of Astrology.

The 2nd Year Advanced level is assessed in the same way as the 1st Year, with homework and end of term assignments – however, at the end of the 2nd year, students have to complete a thesis on a full Natal Chart reading, plus transits/progressions/solar arc direction as well as a synastry/composite assessment of two individuals in a relationship. This is presented in both a written and oral format (or video) to show ability to use the necessary empathic counseling skills required to have a dialogue with a potential client.  This thesis incorporates both the art (creative/ intuitive) and scientific methodology forms of analysis, which are both needed to be a proficient and empathic Astrologer in the 21st Century.

Students are encouraged to undertake the four FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) Exam Modules to receive their Practitioner’s Diploma, which is internationally recognised.  Please contact me via email or telephone if you have any queries.

Warmest Blessings,

Jeanni Monks