Long-distance Learning

Students who wish to study by correspondence or on-line will still follow the class/workshop format – but in this instance will be studying according to their own time schedule weekly or monthly tutorials.

You will need to purchase the various modules from Beginners to Advanced levels.  The cost of each manual is $40 plus postage ($10 within Australia) or if bought in bulk $35 each.  For assessment purposes and accreditation, we will need to negotiate times when we can communicate with each other to assess your progress and address any questions you may have.  This is called Astro-coaching and the easiest way to do this by either telephone/email/skype or one-on-one tutorials.  The cost of this will depend on the length of each skype tutorial lesson.

If you are just starting to explore the world of astrology, with the Beginners I Course – each lesson requires your working through the notes etc. and learning all the glyphs (symbols) for the signs and planets.  You need to learn some key words for each of the signs – with a through understanding of the archetype of each sign and you need to know which planets rules which sign.  You also need to learn the houses called areas of experience, thoroughly.  There are exercises and meditations throughout the Beginners 1 Course which help you assess yourself and where you are at each step of the way.

Once you have read the syllabus outline above – we can have a chat about how you want to proceed with this.  I am aware that external students each have different needs and time availability, so there are no hard and fast rules as to how long you take to complete each level. However, it is recommended that you maintain a consistency so as not to lose momentum and enthusiasm.  Each of the courses are designed to build upon the previous one – and in this way you slowly learn how to integrate all the different components together – it is very much like weaving a tapestry of your soul’s life story – learning about all the different coloured threads of ‘who you are’ and how to weave them together skillfully to reach a holistic picture of your true soul purpose in this lifetime.

Blessings & Love

Jeanni Monks