Intermediate 1 : Patterns & Themes – astrology class


During this term, we will be learning how to thread the different symbols in the chart together to understand major themes that lead us through the maze to the heart of the Birth Chart and our own nature.

Lesson 1:  Moon’s Nodes – Spiritual path & destiny

Lesson 2:  Chiron – the Wounded Healer in your chart

Lesson 3:  Planetary shapes & patterns – Visually assessing the chart

Lesson 4:  Dividing the chart into 4 Hemispheres/Quadrant Emphasis

Lesson 5:  Part of Fortune – Joy & happiness (Lucky spot) – Formula calculation

Lesson 6:  Aspect Patterns (Grand Trine, Kite) indicating major gift/potentials

Lesson 7:  Aspect Patterns (T-Square) indicating major lessons

Lesson 8:  Aspect Patterns (Grand Square or Cross) indicating major karmic lessons

Lesson 9:  Aspect Patterns (Mystical Rectangle & Grand Sextile)

Lesson 10:  Aspect Patterns (Yod: Finger of Fate/Destiny indicating spiritual potentials

Lesson 11:  Aspect Patterns (Yod: (continued) Activation by transits/progressions


Assignment Assessment