Advanced 3 : Returns & Progressions – astrology course

part A :

Lesson 1 & 2: Solar (Happy) Return Charts – the yearly return of the Sun to its natal

Position. The Solar Return chart is the birth chart of a new year in your life. Each year you are faced with new issues as different areas of your life become dominant. It is like a script for a year-long play and you get to play the lead.

Lesson 3: Monthly Lunar Return Charts – an indicator of major emotional themes.

Lesson 4: Planetary Cycles of the ‘Inner Personal planets’ to the Natal Chart :

**Harvesting your yearly Transiting Sun Cycle around your chart.

Lesson 5: Transiting Mercury, Venus, Mars cycle around your chart & Returns

Lesson 6 : ECLIPSES- Solar New Moon and Lunar Full Moon

Prenatal Eclipses – spiritual/karmic significance

part B :

Lesson 7: Secondary Progressions – the ‘evolving’ Inner Self – aspects to Natal

Progressed SUN – Calculation

Lesson 8: The Progressed Moon (‘evolving’ Emotional Self) Cycle in your Chart –

Lesson 9: Progressed Moon aspects to Natal Chart as emotional life

triggers/changes for further individualization.

Lesson 10: The 8 Progressed Moon Lunation Cycle Phases (birth to adulthood)

Lesson 11: Progressed Moon Calculation plus ACD Calculation

Lesson 12 : Progressed Mercury, Venus & Mars : Sign and house changes

Lesson 13: Solar Arc Directions – another predictive method (calculation)