A Universal Year of New Beginnings

Hi Cosmic Travellers,

As we venture forwards into 2017 and beyond, our challenge will be to participate in the dynamic rhythmic dance of the planets in our solar system, even more consciously than before, so that we can be co-creators of a positive pattern of change in the world, via our particular talents and service to humanity. 2017 adds up to 10, which equals a universal ‘ONE’ year numerologically, which means this is a pivotal year of new beginnings – a brand new cycle and a time to plant your seeds of creative intention for the forthcoming nine-year period.  What are your deepest heartfelt  dreams, ideals and visions with regard to your relationships, health, finances, career, lifestyle, spirituality etc. ?  The planting of a seed is like the phases of the Moon, from New – to Full Moon – and back again to New Moon.  So our seeds of intention will need oodles of love and nurturing, because they need time to grow into fruition.  It is humanity’s destiny over the next nine years to create a world which reflects love and harmlessness in all its institutions and social practices.  Being in the universal ‘one’ year, humanity has moved into a critical mass stage of evolution on our beloved planet Earth.   Continue reading