Benefits of Astrology


A Spiritual/Psychological & Choice-Centred Approach to Astrology

Many humanistic astrologers, who come from a soul-oriented approach in astrology, believe in the concept of ‘reincarnation’ – which says that we all possess a spiritual essence or soul, which continues on after death and incarnates into different physical bodies in different lives.  When we look at people, especially babies and children, we see that each individual is born with a divergence of personality traits.  Where do these traits comes from ?  It seems obvious that each individual has developed their own unique psychological patterning, prior to incarnating.  Taking the theory of reincarnation in to account, each of us has incarnated many, many times before, and during those times have gathered many set attitudes, beliefs and behavioural patterns.  We have also learned to excel in some things, based on our experiences over these previous lifetimes.  These experiences, attitudes, beliefs and behavioural traits register on our Soul as energy patterns.  These energy patterns form a blueprint and are easily available to us via the astrology birth chart, or horoscope.  So, your Natal Birth Chart shows the lifetime challenges that your Soul has chosen to work with during this incarnation, in order to evolve to higher levels of consciousness.  The chart also indicates the potential of each individual, as well as past life gifts and talents.  It clearly shows the direction of the Soul’s evolution in this lifetime.

So what happens when we are born?  When we first draw breath, the energies from the planets moving through the various constellations of stars and planets in our sky, ‘energetically imprint’ upon us.  Your Soul has chosen this auspicious time for its incarnation.  This energetic imprint serves as a guide, or a map, of your emotional and mental patterning that you have brought with you into your new life.  At birth, our personal internal ‘wiring’ system is thus set in place.  The Natal Chart is a model for that wiring or circuitry system.

The energy which emanates from the Planets, moving through the constellations of stars, is neither negative or positive – it is up to each individual to learn to be more aware, more conscious, more discerning, and to use this energy positively.  This takes personal responsibility and self-awareness.  This energy from the planets can be felt acutely by each and everyone on this Earth plane.  (Think about how the Moon affects our moods, the tides, etc.) We just need to learn to tune into our own physical bodies, and our feelings, and also learn about these energetic forces.

 Evolving into higher consciousness (which is the Soul’s purpose) occurs when we are willing to address all the un-evolved and unresolved aspects of ourselves, becoming aware and conscious of them, and then consciously CHOOSING to act differently and more constructively to our previous patterning.  The Natal Birth Chart is the tool for defining these patterns, determining when these patterns are likely to be re-played, when issues are likely to arise from the subconscious, and how they can be best handled for the advancement of the evolving Soul.

Each of us has incarnated with major psychological themes to be worked through this lifetime, and during our lives, these themes will repeat themselves, until such time as we can become aware of them and consciously address them.  These themes can remain in our unconscious minds all our lives, and we will revisit, retrace, repeat and relive them until such time as we become self aware and conscious of ourselves in action.  Many of these themes revolve around relationships, as this is usually the area where we play out our ‘games’.  The Natal Chart can pin point out these specific relationship themes and issues.  If we continue to remain oblivious (unconscious) of our dysfunctional psychological traits, then illness may manifest, as the stagnant energy will ‘corrode’ and eat into different parts of the body.  This is the Soul’s way of trying to wake us up to the reality of what is happening.  Illness is always a wake-up call !  The Natal Chart can indicate the type of illnesses that are likely to occur, especially if the person chooses to remain unconscious and unevolved.

We as humans have been given an incredible cosmic gift that we can readily access – this tool is Astrology.  Through the knowledge learned, we can consciously create lives that are healthy, happy, full of love, have meaning and purpose.  All it takes is the desire and the willingness to do so !  The Soul’s purpose is to learn different lessons through experience, and to gradually walk the path towards wholeness.  This philosophy believes that we are responsible for our own actions, and even our thoughts.  ‘We sow that we reap’ ; ‘We create our reality’.  However, it is important to note that it is not necessary to believe in reincarnation to study Astrology, because this same concept can be explained through biological inheritance or genetic disposition from our ancestors as well.

Astrology is a combination of fate versus free-will.  The fate part being ‘that things happen to us’ (either positive or negative in our perception); then as we grow in awareness we have the free-will to perceive these experiences in a new more positive light.  Astrology assists us to look at our past, present and future choices – triggering insights that allow us to examine our unconscious decisions.  It certainly assists us in having more compassion for ourselves, for our past ‘mistakes’ and for our tendency to struggle when we did not know better !  ‘As we know better, we do better !’  This means that as we become more aware and higher in consciousness, life becomes easier.

My endeavour in teaching you Astrology is help you to remember that you always have a choice on how to create and respond to your life choices !  So, from a spiritual and choice-centred perspective, your Natal Birth Chart is the script of your Soul’s expression on Earth.  This approach does make the assumption, then, that your Soul has chosen to be born into a particular body, into a specific family, race, culture, class and even a particular historical period, so that it can evolve and grow in higher consciousness, and express itself as creatively as possible, for true Self-Realisation of your highest potential !



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